Thank you for visiting. I am a multidisciplinary creative from Mexico City living and working in New York.

Currently VP of Photo and Design at Refinery29, I have been fortunate to be part of relevant companies for the last 20 years: Mother New York, Kate Spade, Plated, Chobani, Collins, Victoria’s Secret Beauty, Duffy Design, Louise Fili, and Laurie DeMartino Design. This eclectic experience has informed my creative process and leadership approach, through a deep understanding of agency, in-house, and start-up environments.

In addition to my full time work, I have kept a personal creative practice through the years and have a passion for collaborating with indigenous communities as well as people I admire. I seek to give back to the design world through lectures and mentorship opportunities. Please contact me to collaborate.

Instagram: paulina_rdb

Photo: Robert Bredvad