In 2008, while I was working at kate spade, Tha Nature Conservancy approached us to collaborate in the wonderful collective exhibit Design for a Living World. Ten prominent designers were invited to work with natural raw materials in order to illuminate their complexity and vitality at the source, including the people and cultures that actually produce them. For this project, representing kate spade, I designed 3 bags and traveled to Bolivia to work with local artisans to produce them. 
The exhibit was photographed by Ami Vitale,  who traveled around the world to document the many landscapes, people, and their craftsmanship. 

Designer: Paulina Reyes
Photographer: Ami Vitale
Studio: Kate Spade
Artisan Communities:
Morado FSC_certified wood: San Ignacio
Jipi Japa palm: Village of Galilea
Cotton: Village of Salvatierra

Developed by: The Nature Conservancy
Presented by: The Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum
Traveling Exhibit: The Field Museum in Chicago,
The Botanical Gardens in Phoenix,
and The Coral Gables Museum in Miami